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There are different types of boat that are available for those who love the sea. To those who are fond of the water, there are boats used for personal, business, and sports activities. There are boats that are powered by engine, person, and wind. It depends upon the user on what kind of boat is to be chosen.

Engine powered boats are more costly than those that have sails and oars. Engine powered boats have the disadvantage of refueling every time its about to go out, while the sail or wind powered, or those that are run by oars, are slower than the engine operated ones. Engine operated boats have motor cruisers which are usually for family outings. This kind of boat is commonly used for family gatherings or holiday travel because it offers the convenience of having a deck much like of a living rooms design.

Another type of engine operated boat is the powerboat. This type is commonly used for sports or boat racing. Its light weight makes it extremely fast when it skates on the surface of the water. These boats usually have high-powered engines as well. Day boats, on the other hand, are engine powered boats but they are not as fast as the previous type mentioned. It is also not as convenient as motor cruisers and is usually used for ordinary water activities such as fishing and transportation to local areas.

The recreational craft directive or RCD is an organization that certifies or authenticates boats in order to ensure a safe sea travel. They inspect and evaluate the interior, exterior, and structure of the boat. Boats such as daysailer types must be inspected by RCD to ensure the endurance of the boat because these boats are prone to accidents.

Daysailers are checked by recreational craft directive to secure that the boats can handle strong winds. Daysailers have sails or sheets of cloth that block the wind to use its power to move the boat. The sheets are connected to a pole, which in turn is connected to the deck of the boat.

Trawler yachts, on the other hand, are engine powered and are usually used for recreation of any sort. Import trawler yachts from other countries are supposed to be inspected by the RCD as well.
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Boast Your Boat

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This article was published on 2010/11/13