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Before a boat can navigate through the European waters, it must first meet the European Union’s requirements, such as the CE mark. The “Conformité Européene”, or CE, mark certifies a boat has passed certain European standards, allowing it to enter the territories of all 27 EU member countries. Access to FTA countries, such as Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein, is also granted.

The CE mark provides the boat’s owner with a number of privileges. In trade, boats with CE markings can move freely and penetrate the markets of European countries to conduct business. This gives a certain business a larger target audience and more potential customers. Also, a CE mark allows your boat to be recognized by European countries, giving it legitimate permission to traverse European waters.

If you are to buy a boat that you will use in European waters, be sure to look for one bearing the CE mark. It is better to buy a boat with a certified mark so you can avoid the lengthy process of filling for a certification. Upon the absence of a CE marking, there are many marking services that handle registration and testing for a CE mark.

Boat CE marking services shall guarantee your boat complies with European standard requirements. Your boat needs to pass various European health, safety, and environmental protection standards to obtain CE certification.

Boat CE marking procedures subject a boat to assessment procedures such as noise emission testing. Noise emission testing evaluates the noise emitted by the boat’s engine and exhausts. Testing is usually done through a microphone at a distance of 25m away from the test boat, while it moves at full speed to a maximum of 38 knots. This is just one of several standard tests your boat must pass to get a CE mark.

When you buy a boat with a CE mark, be sure to ask for copies of the legal documents issued upon acquisition of a Boat CE marking.  Fake CE logos are rampant in today’s markets so be sure to check thoroughly. Keep in mind that if you do things haphazardly, you might just end up with more liabilities on your lap. So, it’s better to take the time and patiently look for a boat with a genuine CE mark.

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CE Marking Services for Boats

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CE Marking Services for Boats

This article was published on 2011/10/13