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Should you be one of few new Long Islanders that have lately found the joy of boating and are also thinking of buying the first boat, there are several things you need to know. The process that goes into buying the first boat could be more challenging than you think.

Those looking for their first boat are often overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of models they could choose from. Besides this, it's also essential to understand that boats are regulated by the US Coast Guard. Due to the rules and restrictions put in place, it is important to consider is the purpose of your boat. Will you use it for fishing weekends with the kids or a handful of buddies from work? Or will you be using it for relaxation and water sports? Determine what your primary purpose for purchasing a boat will be. This is the first of several important steps you need to take before buying your watercraft.

A first time boat owner like you should consider investing in a used boat. Besides the fact that it's going to be a whole lot cheaper, the obvious benefit is that its previous owners have tried and tested the boat. You can use that information to determine the reliability of a specific model. Used boat sales are increasing for this reason reason alone. New boaters don't have the expertise required to discern between which models are good and which are not.

Once you've gotten out and are investigating your options, remember the following checklist:

1. Review the appearance of the used boat. Most Long Island used boats are in excellent condition, but there are some cases that are different. With regards to appearance, instincts must be able to tell you whether a boat remains seaworthy or not.

2. Just just because a boat seems to be in good shape doesn't mean it is. Should you be unfamiliar with the mechanics of a boat, it's better to have an experienced marine mechanic tag along. If you can't do this, don't fret, all you have to do is a bit of research. You've already come to the decision of purchasing a boat; so you need to be knowledgeable enough.

3. Bring it out for a test drive! This is one of the most important things to do. You can't accurately tell a boat's condition until you've seen it out in the water. Use this time to test how the boat steers and shifts, and basically how it runs.

4. Ask for a maintenance report. Determine what repairs have been made and what problems need to be taken care of.

These are merely some things to be aware of prior to buying a Long Island used boat. Never take your future boat's condition as a given. Keep in mind that although there are benefits, there are also risks associated with getting a Long Island used boat. Scrutinize the boat thoroughly and choose the right boat for the right reasons.


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Long Island Used Boats Guide

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Long Island Used Boats Guide

This article was published on 2011/12/14